Corey Jones

Phone: 318-505-6812


Corey Jones is the founder and owner of Salt City Barbell who bases his training philosophy around what he considers to be the big 4: Deadlifts, Strict Overhead Press, Bench Press, and Squats. Originally from Moab, UT, he loves the outdoors as well as getting after it within the gym. He’s been a certified trainer since 2015 and is the owner of Salt City Barbell. His goal is to show and teach his clients that it’s not just about the number on the scale, but how you grow and succeed as an individual and are committing to changing your lifestyle and growing as an individual. He offers 1-1 training as well as small group training on a 4 week basis.

Corey’s certifications include his personal training certificate from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) , Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1 (CFSC lvl 1) , Functional Movment Systems, NASM Mental Toughness, and has his CPR/AED certification.

The absolute best gym in Utah. The equipment is phenomenal and offers lifters of all levels the ability to improve. There is no out-growing this gym! The members are great and respect the area. The best part of Black Flag are the trainers! Cory and Ryan are some of the best! They genuinely care for their members and want them to succeed. Definitely feels like a family here. Not to mention I've PR'd almost every lift being here for 2 months!

Heather Davis Allen

This is an ideal facility for the serious strength athlete. Looking forward to working with the owners again in the future!

Chris McGrail

A great place with great equipment and great people!

Steven Seril
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