Parker Wilkey

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My name is Parker Wilkey. Fitness has always been a passion of mine and a big part of my life. Growing up and during my high school years I competed in a prestigious soccer league where I led my teams to many first place championships, and had the opportunity to train with Real Salt Lake. After high school I started coaching soccer and was able to turn an average group of players into a team that won six tournaments in one season. While I was coaching soccer in my early 20’s, I was just an average gym go-er. I would hit the gym once or twice a week, lift a few weights, and call it a day. I was never quite satisfied with my progress or results. This all changed a few years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to powerlifting. Powerlifting made me realize how strong someone could become and it flipped a switch in me. I wanted to train harder to push my body to the limit. Since then I have taken training seriously. I have competed in multiple Strongman Competitions across the state of Utah where I most recently took first place. That feeling of triumph I get by pushing my body to its limits has made me want to help others feel the same as well. My mission is to help others achieve their fitness goals, no matter what the goal is. Whether it be gaining strength, losing fat, bodybuilding, endurance and agility, or simply just feeling comfortable in your own skin, I am here to support you on your journey. Together we will work to not only achieve your fitness and nutrition goals, a balanced lifestyle, but most importantly feel confident in yourself so you are able to live your best life.



Personal Training: ISSA

CPR/AED Certified

The absolute best gym in Utah. The equipment is phenomenal and offers lifters of all levels the ability to improve. There is no out-growing this gym! The members are great and respect the area. The best part of Black Flag are the trainers! Cory and Ryan are some of the best! They genuinely care for their members and want them to succeed. Definitely feels like a family here. Not to mention I've PR'd almost every lift being here for 2 months!

Heather Davis Allen

This is an ideal facility for the serious strength athlete. Looking forward to working with the owners again in the future!

Chris McGrail

A great place with great equipment and great people!

Steven Seril
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